Bird Watching In Rajaji National Park
Bird Watching at Rajaji National Park
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Rajaji National Park - The Bird watcher's Paradise

In a ritual at the advent of winter birds from the upper Himalayas descend to the reserve and colonies every available niche in the forest.Birding Holidays In Uttarakhand

The Rajaji National Park is transformed in to one of the finest ornithological retreats in the world truly a visit to Rajaji National Park is a bird watcher's dream come true.

The Rajaji National Park with its rich biogeography & diversity is home to more than 400 species of birds  which is approximately is half of the total species found in the entire Indian subcontinent .

One can see Parakeets, Owls , Orioles ,Babblers, Cuckoos , Bulbuls, Doves Thruses, Bee eaters, Rollers , Flycatchers , Warblers , Robins , Chats , Finches, Fork tailes , Hornbills , Kingfishers and many many more .

it is also possibly one of the best places in the world for observing birds of prey, about 50 species out of the total 70 odd species found in south east Asia live in the Rajaji National Park the numerous water bodies inside the Rajaji National Park provide and ideal habitat for ducks and other waters birds.

Many of these birds are migratory birds and Rajaji National Park forms a natural cross road And meeting point for birds of high altitude areas ,plains and eastern and western regions.Birding Destinations In India

Because of this unique location the bird population is pretty high throughout the year with winter visitors ,summer visitors ,altitudinal migrants , passage migrants ,local migrants etc. This bird's paradise Rajaji National Park is eminently rewarding , all one need is a pair of binoculars for hours , good camera with zoom lenses and even days of fascinated bird watching.






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