Cinereous Vulture In Rajaji National Park
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Cinereous Vulture has a moderately small population which appears to be suffering and ongoing decline in it's Asiatic strongholds , despite the fact that in parts of Europe , its numbers are now increasing , consequently it is qualified as near threatened in Bird Life International 2013.Cinereous Vulture In Rajaji National Park

Field characters: Mostly black or dark brown Cinereous Vulture is sized in between 98 centimeters to 107 centimeters with broad wings , short slightly wedge shaped tail ,adult are dark brown , juveniles are blackish dark brown , ruff and upper breast contrasting red paler adult.

Almost naked head and both sexes are alike, but females are the large in size.

It has distribution from Southern Europe , North Africa , The Middle East , Central Asia , Mongolia, East China , It has a small reintroduced population in France.

Ecology : It is seen sitting on top of trees or on higher places , where they get higher views , It is very large sized and almost black in color , In vision sometimes gives  resemblance as a sitting adult , covered with a black sheet & enjoying sun light in winter morning.

Threats : In India hunting is probably not a threat to this bird and lac of food is also not a problem , But medicine diclofenac is considered as threat to this bird though it is still not confirmed.

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