Great Slaty Woodpecker
Rajaji National Park
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Great Slaty Woodpecker birdlife international 2013 has listed this species in the vulnerable category as it has suffered a rapid population decline over the past 20 years due to loss of primary forest cover throughout much of its range however the true rate of decline may be greater than currently estimated and if so she is maybe a listed in the future field characters 1 of the largest woodpeckers in the world slightly larger then the house crow as the name indicates is overall slaty grey chin throat and foreneck are buffy yellow and the bill longGreat Slaty Woodpecker In Rajaji National Park

The male has a short broad crimson moustacial stripe juvenile brownish with paler throat and indistinct white scaling on crown.

Distribution the great ready woodpecker have a wide distribution from india and nepal foothills to southern china myanmar love vietnam cambodia and thailand and through peninsular malaysia and singapore tourist islands of indonesia and the philippines india it has been reported from himachal pradesh uttarakhand west bengal sikkim to assam arunachalpradesh nagaland manipur and mizoram however presently the westin limit of its distribution else somewhere in dehradun rally in western uttar khand including rajaji national park where have not been any recent record for the rest of this area woodpecker hackers in climax semi ever and most most deciduous forest from the plane 2 1000 metres above sea level northwestern distribution range it is mostly associated with sal shaurya robusta forest it is uncommon everywhere perhaps due to its specific habitate requirement of mature old trees despite its large size raucous call and conspicuous flight it is not recorded by many indian ornithologists .
Ecology the great Slaty woodpecker social bird found in small parties of 3 to 6 in tall dense forests . It keeps constant contact with others by a loud call it feeds woodpeckers like on trunk moving up on the trunk and branches in search of grUBS. It flies from one patch of forest to another follow my leader style through the treetops or high above the forest canopy. Best whole sale excavated on the trunk of a large tree





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