Indian Spotted Eagle
Indian Spotted Eagle In Rajaji National Park
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Indian Spotted Eagle ( Aquila hastata )

Indian spotted eagle has been included as vulnerable category in birdlife international 2013,It is believed to have a small and declining population , however this statement has to be re-examined due to recent observations from Karnataka and Kerala . the bird is regularly seene in small numbers , it has a much larger range and perhaps the largest population density is presently known for the research on this status in Cambodia and possibly also as well as in south east Asia may lead revised population estimate and assessment of its threat status.Indian Spotted Eagle in Rajaji National Park

Field characters:  A medium sized slim Eagle with small bill and long gape extending to the middle of the eye, round nostrils , it is supposed to have the wildest gape among all Aquilas .

Adult birds or drab brown and unspotted with yellowish brown eyes and often paler brown vent and tarsi.

Name spotted is quite misleading as adult birds do not have spots, it has short broad wings with the wingspan of 150 centimeters in proportion to the Greater Spotted Eagle .

The Indian Spotted Eagle has the longest tail , the legs longer and thinner as the tarsi are thickly feathered , because of which it was also known as long legged Eagle ,the head is large in relation to body size first year juveniles have brown eyes and pale flecks on the nape , upper back and wing coverts , larger pale spots on median coverts and narrow pale tips are often heavily streaked below.

Distribution:  The Indian Spotted Eagle is a semi endemic species , chiefly found in India but also recorded in Pakistan,  Nepal , Bangladesh and Myanmar , according to Bird Life International 2013 sighting of Indian Spotted Eagle in Cambodia almost certainly refers to this species indicating that the population processed in the dry deciduous forests in parts of Indochina.

Indian spotted eagle is present in drier biotope from India to central and western regions and probably have a separate population in the states of Karnataka,  Tamilnadu & parts of Andhra Pradesh for detailed distribution in India.

Indian spotted Eagle is seen in Rajaji National Park in summers where it has primarily been seen on dry river beds as Junglee Resort Rajaji National Park has great chance to spot Indian spotted Eagles on dry river beds in large numbers near Junglee Resort Rajaji National Park.

Ecology:  The Indian Spotted Eagle is mainly found in light wooded forests ,forest clearance ,cultivated area and even in urban gardens, sometimes it is found near water but is not as dependent on wetlands as the Greater Spotted Eagle .

Its food consists of birds , small mammals and amphibians it nests on trees in open countryside .it occurs in low density , difficulty in identifying the species compounds the problem of authentic recording the ecology of this species was studied in detail at Keoadev National Park .

Threats And conservation : Like other raptors in India is threatened by the destruction and disturbance of its habitate,  the modification of forest & grassland ,across India and Indo China and also to pesticide poisoning,  research is required to determine the specific reasons of threats .


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