Kingfishers In Rajaji National Park
Rajaji National Park
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         Kingfishers are colorful eaters of fish and distributed in tropical areas , there are 100 species of Kingfishers are found , and equally distributed around the world , most widely distributed species is perhaps the white breasted kingfisher ,this beautiful bird has bright blue wings with chocolate brown lower parts .
            It makes loud ringing call and could be found easily in open areas, sitting and calling from exposed locations , Kingfisher is dependent of water , as it loves to catch fishes .Kingfisher in Rajaji National Park
             Kingfisher can live in variety of places with chances, that they may be found along with the sparrow size small blue kingfisher ,  common kingfisher which has deep forest color under parts , Kingfisher bird is commonly seen at the banks of stream , ponds , It sits on a branch of tree near water point and dives in water periodically for fishes and tadpoles. Kigfisher also eats small insects found on surface.

         White breasted kingfisher has small size but it catches attraction because of electric blue wings , Kigfisher hits fish on rock before eating, While searching for fish Kingfisher takes a flight over water and after finding a fish they take a aim by the bill and dive into water to catch fish.

    Kingfisher nesting site is banks of stream where they make nest in horizontal tunnel , which is about 1 meter long , Make & Female both share domestic duties , food of kingfishers is fish ,tadpoles ,frogs and aquatic insects .
      Nesting period is from October to March, Eggs are glossy white female are distinguishable from the male as having a single breast band in the middle and male has complete band.    






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