Myna In Rajaji National Park
Myna in Rajaji National Park
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      Common Myna (Acridotheras tristis) is bigger than bulbul and smaller than pigeon , Myna has length about 23 centimeters and has special habits as seen in pairs or parts of human habitation and in countryside .

Myna is carnivorous and its feeding habits it often raises to board in succession the domestic duties are ideally shared by both the sexes.Myna in Rajaji National Park
Big birds enjoy earthworm ,fruits ,insects ,nectar and lizard as food, Nesting period of these birds is fro April to August , Myna birds make their nest bye collection of twigs roots paper etc. Nests are located on tree, Wall, Ceilings , Eggs of Myna birds are glossy blue colored and Myna have dark brown color with a bright yellow bill.

Legs and their skin around eyes it also has a light white patch on the wings which is conscious implied it is commonest of the Mynas bread in variety of habitats like other words sexes are alike                             






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