Night Jar In Rajaji National Park
Rajaji National Park
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Night Jar or Common Indian (Caprimulgus indicus) bird is frequent scrub and stony country dry over grown canals, compounds and groves in village ,neighborhood , squates,during day under the shelter of a bush or a long a low bough remains active after sunset and all through the night hawking insects ,flight resemblance is with moth, wondering long railing glides alternated with wings flapping.Night Jar , Common Indian in Rajaji National Park

Food of night jar beetles, moth and other insects , Night Jar do not make nest and give eggs on base ground in bamboo bush in side forest , these birds make sound chuk chuk it is similar when stone glides in frozen pond.

At Rajaji national park , Common Indian bird is found in large numbers and truly this bird is a significance in the Indian wild a soft plumaged corpuscular and nocturnal bird. it is mottled grey brown , buff and fulvous ,black streaked above in a complicated pattern and has white patches on the wings that are conspicuous in flight.

Both male & female look alike and no visible difference.





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