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Weaver Bird Baya in Rajaji National Park
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Weaver Bird (Baya ) (Ploceus philippinus) these birds have size of sparrow and groups can be seen in fields, Baya roost enormous number in reed birds bordering tanks . Baya's seasonal movements are largely governed by paddy and cereal cultivation providing both nesting material and food the male along builds the nest and the female alone in incubates the eggs. Baya male has several nests and females at the same time.Weaver Bird Baya Male at Rajaji National Park

Food of Baya birds is grain and insects ,nesting period is May to September ,nest of these birds is swinging retort shaped structure compactly moving out of streams of paddy leaves and rough grasses,  the nest is suspended in air from twigs usually over water .

Weaver Bird's have pure white colour eggs , Baya bird have habits of calling like sparrow during breeding season .

Males ordered encoder with long drawn joy sky the weaver bird Baya is common little bird which might be mistaken for a sparrow , actually smaller than the sparrows the onset of monsoon brings the highest points in Baya's life. the male rose a bright yellow patch on its head and chest and identification mark did the male please a prominent role and build their nest . usually in Babool tree or in Palmyra palm.

When the nest is built the females come to take a look at it selection of it smells is predictive of male's nest. When nest is chosen by female ,  next step of male is to have most after having issues in the next she help the male to complete the nest and gives pure white eggs after mating but the female hatcher the eggs and male  gets busy building another nest for making another family with other female.Weaver Bird Baya Female at Rajaji National Park
Baya is slight brown and white below with their stuff out conical bill and short square cut in the breathing male has a yellow breast and crown dark brown upper parts and cream puff under parts , The Baya is social bird and remains found close together and enjoy each others company . The Baya builds its nest gives the name weaver bird nest with false entrance , one real and another to doge snakes.





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