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Woodpeckers of the family picidae, represented in the Indian Subcontinent, Woodpeckers are of great importance of forestry since these birds live on wood boring beetles , which can be highly injurious to trees they are extracted from tree and eaten , it saves tree.
Tongue of Woodpecker is great adaptation , it is a part of inheritance of bill and elastic issue that goes under the jaw around the back of the head to the right nostril leaving the left for bidding the whole apparatus lies over the head & short pointed tail ,both useful in climbing vertical on tree trunks. Woodpecker in Rajaji National Park

The commonest species is perhaps the golden backed woodpecker which is a common visitor on trees and its  cackling metallic call , it frequently visit to the ground to eat ants and other insects .dogma this woodpecker is a small size bird with white spots on abdomen and the metallic click click call , Woodpecker is a frequent visitor to coconut groves and the nest is usually a hole made on decaying branch and the white eggs usually 3 in number are incubated by both sexes . when the branch is horizontal the entrance hall is placed on the underside to keep out rain the Golden Backed Woodpeckers are reported at Rajaji National Park .

           Golden Back Woodpeckers are bigger than Myna and have length about 29 centimeters, there food is  wood boring insects , beetles, nectors etc. and domestic duties are well shared by both male and females of the species .

Nesting season is March to August , Woodpeckers mostly make sounds . Male and female can be identified easily because of stripes , female has one strip and part section and male has two complete stripes.





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